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Authentic Nalgene Water Bottle. Silkscreened in HB Volt; multiple colors.Dude I made these so long ago.

In a baffling turn that has me and this shop creeping ever so further from my toy-and-zine roots, here I am selling you water bottles, of all things.

But really...who doesn't like a good bottle hanging around? I'm super proud of these, and of course, I found a way to channel that pride into themes that somehow relate to color.

I've honestly not seen a GID Nalgene in the wild, so some may say that this one is a bit on the rare side. Glows like a very glowy mother, also.

The red on red is akin to a bloodbag...it is VERY red and looks menacing, which, if you can intimidate while you hydrate, I say go for it.

My favorite, of course, is the 'pill bottle' which gave me a wonderful reason to trot out all of my drug husks and *ahem* find a way to buy a certain minty treat by the pound. (It was not an efficient process).

There's not many of each color, and it's difficult for me to imagine making these again, so if you see something you like, say something like "I'll take it."

Stay wet, fam.