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Laser-engraved, 3-piece pill/carry capsule. Black aluminum.

I am one of the millions of Americans living with mental illness. My particular condition—Borderline Personality Disorder—is not typically something that is treat-able with drugs, but, since I also have a nice dose of generalized anxiety, as well as a nagging predilection towards depression, I find myself (lucky enough to be) on a regimen of daily medication supplemented by two tiers of crisis drugs.

You know (or maybe you don't): the ones I need to take once I've turned into a werewolf. One is a tranquilizer, and one is a silver bullet, meant to either kill me or put me to sleep...it really doesn't matter which, once I get to that place.

And so, I wanted to have a little travel case that would keep me in pills, at least for a weekend trip or so. Here it is.

I also knew I wanted to inscribe this little doodad with something clever...just a logo was not going to cut it. I imagined what it would be like to be fiddling with this, mid-crisis...what kind of message would be good for me to see?

Typically, when I have decayed into a full-on magma spray (read: am 'gone', as my wife says), I am in attack mode. I am—by proxy or surrogate or otherwise—looking for things and people to hurt. Looking for ways to show the world how awful it is for me to have to be alive.

I've had good luck with this with knives before, and figured it couldn't hurt to try. Anything to de-escalate. Anything to take a breath. Anything to give the medicine time to work and save strain on my relationships.

Somehow, in true Hateball fashion, this weird, almost-haiku mashup of Predator and The Golden Rule is what the lazerbeam was provided when asked to burn its path across the hide of a man-made alloy.

So it goes.