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224 page trade book. 5.5" x 8.5". Open edition.�Comes w/ NFS 3/4" enamel pin."A gratuitous presentation and light analysis of all [unedited] product descriptions written solely for use on my website over the last five years."

What could be more meta than writing a product description for my website of a book that's a collection of all the product descriptions I've written for my website, I ask you?

Nothing. Nothing is the answer. I've broken the 5th wall. Finally. And of course, there is nothing on the other side of the damn thing.

I worked on this book while languishing in the window of time between when I put the 2081 capsule up for grabs and when it went to print. It was a pretty dark time for me, and I've wondered if working on this book was a contributor...there were a few different memory lanes that maybe were best avoided.

Still: it's fun/funny/crazy to see it all set up like this. I also took the opportunitiy to be, shall-we-say, way too revealing about how my business works and how I measure its success...all on display as a function of whatever it is I think charts and graphs are supposed to look like.

I will treat each purchase of this book as a small the tune of pins and things thrown in, appreciatively.