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Specially curated kit of NGE-related zines and merchandise.It's finally here. Potentially even long overdue: my opus involving this wonderful, beautiful, totally batshit crazy Japanese giant robot show is upon us.

I wax on and on within the thing (how meta) about how profound an attachment I have to this weird piece of intellectual property (so I won't get too deep into it here) but suffice it to say that I've taken my love for a cartoon and attempted to channel it into as many different pieces of trinketdom and ephemera that I could.

Incidentally, this is one of the only times I've worked on a project for more than a year. Crazy to me.

This 'Fankit' (which I'm hoping is an idea that makes enough sense so as to be able to move units) includes the following items:

  • Black-Reflective Leliel back patch — You gotta see it to believe it, which is only something you can do in the dark with a spotlight, because otherwise it is from the unseeable shadow-realm.
  • Double-Posted Mass Production Pin — Sometimes the only thing that will do is a knife through the head.
  • AT Field Keychain + SEELE Penny — Remind everybody everywhere that you go that your keys are far beyond their comprehension. And also get carted off to jail for having a customized ice-cream penny in your possession.
  • Deluxe, 48-page Fanbook — This was fun to make. I wrote some stuff in it.
  • 11x17" Misato Pinup — This was also fun to make. I made the poster I've always wanted. Oh it's also double-sided.
  • Bonus Listbook — Throughout the course of making the fanbook, I had some additional ideas that I (of course) made into another book.
  • Double-Sided Totebag* — This was the first thing I made for this project...it's a tote with the OG SEELE logo on one side and their motto on the other side. Dare them all to understand.

*Totebags come with the first 15 fankits purchased.

If you like Neon Genesis Evangelion, and you are even remotely aware of and/or tolerant of Hateball/Therefore, Nul, then I think you'll like this little package of products and I urge you to consider its purchase. Thank you for looking.

Special bonus content: My beloved son (who's current aspiration is to be a professional toy-reviewer on YouTube) gave me a serious nod by looking over and calling out the various components of this release. If you'd like to take a look, you can watch below or click here to view on IG. Thank you Jonahbot.