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Second annual, specially curated kit of NGE-related merchandise.Note: Shipping pricing is set to allow for flat rate priority delivery. Orders will likely go out in mid-July pending, like, a shitload of assembly and sweetness on my part. -HB

So like, thank GOD I did this last year. Why? Well, because the internet is come-alive with love for NGE, that's why. Since it's release on the Netflix platform, there are hundreds of thousands of bandwagoners discovering the show (a good thing!) but there are also hundreds of 'brands' jumping on the money train.

Also a good thing, sure...but at the very very least, we can all agree that Hateball is not a money-train leaper-onto person. Right?

For better or worse, I was and am here, and my fandom/devotion is very very real.

I was originally going to re-release last year's fankit as a kind of double-edged 'let the people have what they want' and 'clear out some of the overstock from that venture' but lo and behold, I've gone and more or less redesigned the entire thing.

Which was super fun.

The contents for this year's release are quite a bit different, but there is some overlap...which is why I think it's perfect to characterize it as a rebuild. Some highlights:
  • “GOLDIE” Mass Prod. Double-Posted Pin
  • AT FIELD Keychain + MANGA SEELE Penny
  • SEELE Reversible HOO-RAG
  • NERV ORIGINAL Coffee Mug
  • YEBICHU Neoprene Koozie
  • LILITH Sticker
  • MISATO-CHAN Sticker
  • ZINEWOLF Postcard
  • THEREFORE, NUL Stickers and Pin(s)