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Bootleg keshi cast in keshi pink; Assorted collectibles and ephemera.After working on this toy for a year, this manifestation of her release kind of evolved on its own one night on my workbench.

I started to realize that I had a few fun odds and ends leftover from past Eva fankits, and some new surprises, so I packed them up together.

You're likely to receive the following as a part of this fun kit:

  • Misato Bae keshi (production),
  • Either a Lilith bootleg second, or a Misato Bae (prototype),
  • Misato 'My Eyes are Up Here!' or NERV 00:00:00 sticker,
  • Leliel Holo Sticker,
  • End Bird (White) Pin,
  • Spongeseele acrylic keychain.

There may be a few other surprises sprinkled throughout, but no matter what, you'll get to celebrate best waifu with me. Hit it.

Trust me: this is a great kit. The photos (that I took) don't tell the whole story.