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1" hard-enamel pin in various colorways.

I can't tell you how long I've wanted to make one of these pyramid designs. I love it and think it's so spooky and intimidating and, well, totally boss. It was fun, too, to dip outside my normal comfort zone of bolded, hyper-condensed fonts and just make something that had a little less of my stink on it.

Speaking of stink, this pin is also a direct response of seeing a screenshot of two colleagues at work joking about the types of pins I make. They were discussing marketing or the hopelessness of guiding a client towards the right decision (or something similar) and the response, of course, was a *shrugging* emoji and 'Immolate Thyself'.

I was sent said screenshot as a joke, but the JOKE IS ON YOU, Katie and Ethan, for I made the pin and we should/can all rejoice as a result.

Available in a variety of colors, all etched on the back with ''.

Tell a friend. Burn your ego.