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Keshi-style toy cast in flesh, red, and green rubber. 1.5"Zinewolf—as we've come to know him; as we've been introduced to him—is a bit of a large pill to swallow. His very careful, very inside and very niche manufacturing process has led to a fairly steep (yet marginless) pricetag, and, well: it's a little silly for someone like me to expect someone like you to fully grasp the specialness behind all those zeroes.

And so I've improvised, as is the Hateball Way.

'Keshi' as it's used here is in reference to the art of producing small, usually rubber, figures that sort of just stand there. Typically they are unpainted, and their expressiveness is carried through in their pose or weirdness...they're often monsters or wrestlers or weirdos...just like here.

The process for creating this keshi Zinewolf is strange and storied...through a feat of chemical wonder, the larger Zinewolf form was cast and then reduced down and down and down until this smaller (exactly the same) replica was arrived at.

He is small. But he is fun (and really stands!). And I love him.