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Vinyl figure cast in GID vinyl w/ trans. red and blue sprays; 6.5". Comes w/ NFS 3/4" enamel pin and 2081 capsule zine.This toy is me. I was taking photos of myself in a particuar way. A way that used light to show my, like, bifurcated inner-self. It was for the 2081 capsule lookbook zine and it was fun. Frustrating and fun. David and I had been kicking around different ideas for these GID wolves for some time, and then I emailed him out of the blue and said, well, I said something that triggered him into painting them up to look exactly as I had them in my mind.

Half and half. Split down the middle. Glowing brightly and outwardly and from within. Cast in my brand colors and jumping out from whatever dimension he's in and into the third.