Black Lives Matter:
Donate To Buy

In light of recent events—but inexplicably and inexcusably not before then—I have decided to alter the way I do business, indefinitely.

This is a memorandum I wrote to myself on the evening of June 1st. It outlines my feelings, specifically as paired with ideas for what actions to take, for how to continue this little merch business in the context of a country—a world—that is hell-bent on inequality.

As of June 7, 2020, you have an option for how to do business with 

If you are so inclined (I encourage you to be), you may use donation receipts to the following charities and organizations as vouchers for payment at 

How it works

  • Please donate any denomination you like to one of the organizations listed below.
  • Send a direct message to @thereforenul with a photo or screenshot of your donation receipt, with the amount and date in clear view.
  • I will create and send a promo code for the entire amount for use at
  • From there, you may shop as you would normally, using the promo code to cover part or all of the merchandise you want.
  • Easy. And again: this is how it will work moving forward. You donate your cash to organizations in need; I'll donate my stuff—any stuff you want—to you.

Where to Donate

This is a list of organizations that I feel to be the most relevant and stable in a world full of organizations doing the best they can. If you know of a charity or foundation that you believe should be on this list, donate to them, and follow the instructions above, with the addition of telling me why you think it should be included. Let me handle the rest.

Spread the word

Your sharing of this to the world via your social profile or any other channel is not required. However, I encourage you to tell your friends or acquaintances about this opportunity to have a little cake and eat a little too.

Who we're for

Hateball stands against all forms of oppression everywhere. I am vehemently against and in opposition to racists, homophobes, sexists, elitists, white supremacists, fascists, and all other forms of toxic government.

My archetypical nemesis is The Nazi; The Confederate; The Klansman, but I realize that things are not as clear cut as that these days. Insidious evil lurks around us everywhere, and I hate it.

I stand with people of all races and have a deep empathy for Black, POC, and Native American peoples who have been systematically taken advantage of and murdered as a function of this country's status in this world. I believe in an individual's right to choose their own identity, be it regarding gender, sex, belief, profession, or creed. I believe in a woman's right to choose. I believe in a man's responsibility to keep his hands to himself.

I believe that guns create more problems than they solve and should be banned from this earth.

I am a Gen-X, problematic, white American male. I am earnest in my hope to be the best ally I can be, but understand that I will not always understand. I appreciate any patience you have with me, and understand that sometimes patience runs out. I'm here anyway.


—HB, June 7, 2020.