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Rubber treasure-box toy cast in assorted [random] neon colors. 2.5"So...this one is a bit hard for me.

Doughboy is the newest (third) member of the Treasure Box. I'm in love with this line of toys, and this lil pupper in particular.

One of the best things I've done with my adult life is get this dog, Doughboy. His real name was Dorian, but we called him Dough...he was fat and Doughy and perfect. I got him out of spite, too: "I'll never sleep alone again" I said.

Well, he died. He was my best friend. I'm glad he lived as long as he did, but if he'd died a couple years earlier, I would have convinced myself that he was reincarnated as someone else special to me. #jjj — Alas, there was an overlap and he's just plain gone from me. I am...still hurting about it.

I've internalized him, however: he shows up all the time: in my writing, in my thinking...everywhere. Just like here.

So here's this toy of this dog that's important to me, in a line of toys that's deeply sentimental towards my son, and, to boot: this is the first proper bootleg that I ever a part of what would be come the #waxcaste.

His head is from a salt shaker and the body is a weird mashup of two Charlie Brown toys (you can see the progression below). To tribute this Dog as this boy—this dogboy...this Do(u)g(h)boy—is a big deal to me.

And now he can be a fun little tiny deal to you. Enjoy.

Thanks—as ever—to Tru:tek for the expert sculpting, molding, shrinking, and casting help. You make my dreams come true Niall. <3