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3" patch on felt.This patch (along with Duck Fink) really signifies the beginning of my patch-making ouvre. I created it specifically for inclusion on a vest I was making for my son—so that he and I could match—and ended up giving a handful of the leftovers away as holiday gifts to friends and family.

Not only did this mark my initial foray into making patches for myself, it booted up the 'Arcane Sigil' mindset and has really served as an influence-point for many things to follow.

It's likely helpful to note that for the larger part of 2012/2013, I would hunt 'Un' letter-combinations in the wild and post them to Instagram (under the #crypt tag). I have since stopped that hobby, but the Un- ideal is still alive and strong with me. Let the unflag be a forever-testament to that fact.